20 Days and Counting

My husband just walked through the living room and made the statement, “Twenty days!” That’s all he said, but I knew what he meant. Twenty more working days until he is officially retired from the job he has worked at for 25 years.

Now, he’s not all that old, only fifty-seven and pretty healthy, so I don’t expect he’ll be sitting around the house doing nothing. Actually, I don’t expect him to be sitting around the house much at all. There’ll be projects to keep him busy for awhile, but he’ll need more to do than that, I’m sure.

He’s not like me. I go for days without seeing anyone but him and the dog sometimes. That’s fine with me. My daughters call or I communicate via facebook or email throughout the day. I like my quiet, most of the time.

He would say that he likes that too, and he does. But he’ll miss having his buddies at work to tease and joke around with. I’m not quite as much fun and tend to keep my eyes focused on my computer screen most of the day.

I’m wondering what the routine will be like. We have one now. He gets up around 5AM, starts the coffee and walks down to get the morning’s paper. I stay in bed until about 5:30 and then get up and put his lunch items into his lunch box. Even what he brings for lunch each day is pretty much the same. He doesn’t eat breakfast on the weekdays. He waits and eats something from his lunch box during his morning breaks, but on weekends he has breakfast each morning. Will he want breakfast every day when he’s retired?

After he leaves for work, I start my routine, which isn’t very routine because I tend to be pretty haphazard about everything I do. Usually, I start with checking my email accounts. By then I’ve finished my first cup of coffee and am starving for something to eat. A bowl of cereal for me and a dish of dog food for the dog. Then it’s time to walk the dog; that only takes a few minutes, but is my prompting to go upstairs and change out of my nightgown into some clothes.

Then I begin my workday, sticking close to my laptop until lunch time. What will he be doing during that time? Will he walk the dog or will I still do that? Will he be watching TV in the livingroom? I don’t usually turn on the television during the day.

Another transition in life. I’ll give you an update in 4 or 5 weeks (maybe). Better not make any promises. I’m sure you’ll figure out from my posts in December, if there are any, how we’re doing.

Stay tuned.

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