A Month Since My Last Post. Yikes!

To all my loyal readers. (Ha!)

My sincerest apologies for my month of silence. Minnesota summers are short and packed full of everything we can fit into these 3 short months of sunshine and warmth. In addition, I took on a poetry class for the summer which has (delightfully) gobbled up a few more hours each week.” This morning, however, I decided I would take a quick break between my first hour of work and the next just to keep this blog active.

My first hour today was quite productive. I placed on bid on a job on the Guru freelance site and one bid on another job on Elance. Then I browsed through the ads listed on FreelanceWritingGigs.com and found lots of potentials on today’s list. I ended up sending emails with attached resumes and writing samples to three of them.

One hour – 5 prospective jobs. Will I hear from any of them? Hard to say. Once I’ve sent them off, I forget about them and move on. If they respond back, then I refresh my memory on who they were and what I sent. Later today I may find more projects on Guru or Elance worth bidding on. But now I’ve got a blog article to write for my favorite marketing company, Expert Internet Marketing in Las Vegas, and then I have three magazine articles that have notes from interviews that need to get done. Plus, my lawyer client just sent me a second list of blog articles to do (that’s next week’s agenda). I’ll have 10 articles to review from one of my subcontractors later today and I need to send invoices to a couple of clients and update my accounting. Whew! Yes, got plenty on my plate.

So, its off to work for this freelancer. (Maybe I’ll move from the couch to the kitchen counter.)

Hope your day is as fulfilling as mine!

Would love to hear your comments