Addicted to busyness

Last weekend I received my birthday gift from Paula, ‘Walking with God’ by John Eldredge. Is His timing impeccable, or what? I don’t think I have a paragraph in it yet that doesn’t have something underlined. My second week off work and I would probably still be rushing headlong into the day without taking any real time to stop and listen and ask and consider, what it is the God would have to say to me today, or what His plan is for the day. But I pick up that book and look in the mirror. My goodness, I had no idea that J. Eldredge and I were so much alike. It is stories from his journal that illustrate how he learned and is continuing to learn to hear from God in every little moment and every little decision he makes. The Lord used it this morning to simply calm the excitement in my heart over the job interview I had yesterday. I, like John E., didn’t want to have to stop and ask what the Lord’s will was in regards to this job. Everything about it just says YES! Don’t get me wrong, He hasn’t told me no. But I just became very aware of how loud my own desires were on the subject and that if He spoke in a gentle quiet whisper I probably wouldn’t hear it or would find it much too easy to ignore.

This is from page 33

“Things may not unfold the way you think they will when you’re following God. Remember, he is after both our transformation and our joy. The one hangs on the other. I needed rest more than I knew. But I am so addicted to busyness, I was about to turn his gift of rest into a week of chores…. He got me here on the porch so that he can bring to the surface just how compelled I am. And so that together we can explore why.
You do know what he is after in your own life, don’t you? Maybe that’s why we stay so busy – to avoid knowing, so we can avoid dealing with it. There are forces driving the way I live, reasons and compulsions written deep in my soul. I know where my pushing and striving come from. They come from unbelief, from some deep fear that it’s all up to me. Life is up to me.”

Sound like something direct to your heart? Was to mine. Once again I say, ‘OK God. I will let go, AGAIN. I will slow down, AGAIN. And I will listen and I will trust and I will thank you for being so patient with me.

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  1. debraaanderson

    “Just my comments on living life while listening for the voice and the heart of God and experiencing the joy and pain that comes with loving people.” Just another way of expressing the two greatest commandments. I like it. God bless!


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