An Inside Look at My Scripted Writer Account

I have a love/hate relationship with Scripted. I was accepted as a writer on this platform about three years ago. It was even more difficult to get your foot in the door then than it is now.

Scripted: A Different Kind of Freelance Site

Scripted is what I call a broker site for freelance writing. That means, there are no membership fees, there is no bidding on jobs and no commissions are deducted from your earnings. The jobs I have been offered have ranged from 7 cents a word to 20 cents a word. Each project comes with detailed instructions as to POV, tone and client expectations. You also can receive priority access to jobs within your specialty topics or from clients who have marked use as a favorite freelancer. If you like to pitch new topics to clients, you have that option as well.

Scripted Writer

So what’s the downside? Number one is getting approved as a writer for Scripted in the first place. They do not accept novice writers. You will need to submit an application and also take two tests. The first will be an English competency exam and the second will be timed sample writing exams on their site. They will judge you based on your ability to follow detailed instructions as well as your online writing style and abilities.

The second negative is similar to most any freelance site, new writers have a harder time getting jobs than those who have been on the site for a while. In Scripted, jobs are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis – sort of. Scripted will notify you when job postings are available in your specialty categories. Unfortunately, by the time you login to the site, those jobs have usually been taken by someone else.

Writers with more time on the site will receive priority status, getting notices before newbies. This can be extremely frustrating. Hang in there. Occasionally, Scripted gets very large orders for content. That will be your chance to score your first assignments and improve your priority access through good feedback from your clients.

Gain Momentum Through Pitching

Pitch ArticlesPitch Requests area, Scripted clients have actually requested writers to submit article pitches on certain topics. You need to come up with a title and very short description of your article direction to submit your pitch. The pay amount and the number of pitches requested by the client will be listed. Once you submit your pitch, you will wait to be notified by Scripted whether or pitch was accepted or not. If it was accepted, it will be added to your current jobs and you will receive instructions and a deadline for delivering the article.

The Top Marketplace area is similar, except that these pitch requests are created by Scripted and are generic in nature. They are articles Scripted would like to have on file, available to sell to clients looking for those popular topics.

Volume and Payment

The amount of work you are able to access depends heavily on the clients Scripted is able to attract. The work available can fluctuate heavily in different specialty areas. I have seen hundreds of jobs listed at one time and other times when only 3 or 4 jobs appear per day. 2015 was a busy year for me and I didn’t spend much time on Scripted. Nevertheless, I did continue to bring in income just about every month.

Freelancer Writer


Occasionally, you may be asked for revisions prior to acceptance by the client. If that happens, you are given two options: You can make the requested revisions and resubmit OR you can choose not to make the revisions. If you choose not to make the revisions, you will still get paid, BUT only 50% of the original amount.

The article needing revision will be made available for other writers to complete, usually with a 12 hour deadline. The writer who handles the revisions or rewrite, will be paid the other half of the article amount.

Could You Be a Scripted Writer?

If you specialize on tech topics or business related topics, I know Scripted has those articles available frequently. The stronger your expertise in a given area, the stronger your chances of becoming a preferred writer in that area on Scripted.

What can it hurt to give it a shot?

If you write for Scripted, I love to hear your experience on the site in the comments, especially if you write in different specialty areas than I do.

PS: I receive no compensation for this article and the links are not affiliate links. Just my experience being shared with you.

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