Are Your Files Being Backed Up?

What would happen if your computer crashed or your laptop was stolen? Would you lose all your files? Would you have partially completed work that you’d have to begin all over again? Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

That is one nightmare I hope to avoid ever having. Over a year ago, I subscribed to an automatic online backup service called Carbonite. As I work away on my computer, Carbonite is continually working in the background, copying everything in my document files onto its online site. I don’t have to even think about it.

I have gone onto the site a couple times just to make sure that it really is doing what it is supposed to, and sure enough, everything was there, totally up to date. In addition, now that I have a smartphone, I have the Carbonite app on my smartphone. I can pull up any document saved on my laptop from my smartphone at anytime, from anywhere. I’ve used that feature a few times.

Maybe you’re not a writer and don’t have hundreds of documents on your hard drive like I do, but I bet you have plenty of photos. Carbonite can be your backup for your photos as well.

Am I promoting Carbonite? You bet!  Am I sincere about what I’ve just said? You bet!

Do I think you should use it? You bet! Will I get a kickback payment if you do? (Um, yeah. Maybe.)

Actually, if you decide to click on the following link and subscribe to Carbonite, I’ll get a $20 gift card, BUT… so will you!!

Check it out!  Keep your data safe and accessibile. Just follow my referral link: Carbonite referral link

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