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Yesterday I sent off a packet that included about 75 pages of material. Three sets of a 25 page packet that I had invested several hours into over the last few days. In a few weeks I’ll be sending off another packet plus filling in some online forms with similar information to what I mailed out yesterday. Why? Because I have a project that I would like to do that would require several thousands of dollars to accomplish and there are some opportunities to gain funding for that project, IF – you’re a literary artist.

I’ve actually written on this topic before, but since this time I’m applying for a fairly large amount of funding and from two sources I’ve never applied to before, I thought it might be time to revisit the topic.

The grant application I just sent off went to The Loft Literary Center in the Twin Cities. They offer several grant opportunities to those of us who ‘paint with words.’ My application was for funds from their Emerging Writers Grant, which provides grants between $2,000 and $10,000 to individual writers. Yes, I’m still ’emerging’ from my literary womb and am not yet a fully developed, mature writer (at least according the terms of the grant).

So, I wrote out a narrative description of what I wanted to accomplish with the mega-bucks, should I receive them. (It was quite impressive, if I do say so myself.) Put together a list of numbers to represent my ‘budget’ or how I planned to spend the money, updated my ‘artist’ resume and selected 15 poems for my ‘work samples.’

I was a bit rushed because the deadline is May 1st and I just decided last week to put together the application, so I’ll be surprised if I get award from them. I wasn’t as detailed on my budget as it could have been and I didn’t have any ‘supporting’ documentation to accompany the application to show it was more than a pipe dream in my head, but – I sent it anyway. It has originality going for it and maybe that’ll outweigh the areas it lacks.

I also sent off a much smaller application to our local arts council, Five Wings Arts Council. They offer grant funds to individual artists of every genre several times a year for amounts under $2,000. I used that grant application to request funding for attending a writer’s retreat next winter.

Today, I spent an hour on the phone and a website listening to a presentation regarding applying for a Minnesota Artist Initiative Grant. Their deadline for grant applications for literary artists is June 29th, so I’ll have a little more time to work on that one and plan to submit my plan for the mega-bucks ($2-$10,000 again) to them as well, but with a little more finesse and detail.

When I went onto The Loft site, I found that they had listed the winners of last years grants and what those winners were using their funds for. One was to rent a studio to provide a quiet retreat from home to write in; another to take time off work to finish a book. My project is MUCH grander than any of those (in my opinion), so why not take a shot.

If you’re interested in looking into the MN Artist Initiative Grant, you’ll find that they have several more online informational sessions scheduled like the one I phoned into today. It was very helpful. They also encourage you to contact them with questions and even will review your proposal for you before you send it in.

And, yes, if words are not your art form, you can apply for MN Artist Initiative Grants, too. The deadlines are just different for each area;

  • Performance arts; dance, music, and theater: Friday, May 25, 2012
  • Literary arts; poetry and prose: Friday, June 29, 2012
  • Visual arts; media arts, photography, and visual arts: Friday, July 20, 2012

If you’ve got something that will help further your artistic career – education, mentoring, studio space, marketing – it can be small like my writers retreat or big like my ‘grand’ idea – there’s probably a grant opportunity available for it, if you do some looking.

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  1. Charmaine Donovan

    Kathy, you sound as if you have applied for the same grants I am applying for. I have not yet done the research on the MN Arts Initiative Grant and would love to talk to you about that one. Was the online informational sesssion worthwhile and could I swing it? (Me and technology do not always mix!) That Emerging Artists Grant was like a novel by the time I had everything included in triplicate. It was MASSIVE. Anyway, hope the effort pays off for both of us. I certainly learned a lot by doing it and now have my artist’s resume updated.
    -Poet & Writer Charmaine


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