Balance – Is Not Created by Teeter-tottering Between Two Extremes

Balance. It is often my goal.

I want balance in my life.

We’re encouraged to find work/life balance and to eat a balanced diet.
We try not to be too silly, too angry, too late, too early, too slow or too fast.

Sometimes we try to create balance by moving from one extreme to the other.

We eat way too much at Thanksgiving and then starve ourselves the next week to make up for it. We are crabby with our spouse and give them chocolate to bring the relationship back to neutral.

I’ve found myself creating this teeter-totter affect with several things in my life, going to one extreme and then going to the other, thinking that one would balance out the other. Unfortunately, that is not true balance.

Balance means NOT going to extremes. So how do yo do that?

The key to any teeter-totter is the fulcrum point. It is where the two sides meet; it is the ‘balancing’ point.

To find balance, you need to find that fulcrum point. What do the two extremes center around?

I discovered this when I realized that I tended to vacillate between low self-esteem and self-righteous attitudes. I couldn’t understand how one person could struggle with such opposites until it was pointed out to me that they were two sides of the same coin. In other words, they shared a fulcrum point.

They both were extreme comparisons to others. In one, I considered myself of much lower value than others and in the other I saw myself as much better than others. I teeter-tottered between the two, trying to find a balanced self-worth.

Balance comes not from trying to balance out the bad with the good, but to deal with the central issue, comparison. My self-worth becomes balanced when I quit comparing myself with others and accept myself as a unique individual, an individual that has immense value in the eyes of her Creator, at all times.

When my value is not based on a scale that pits me against those around me, when there is nothing placed on the other side of a balancing scale, I can rest in being who I am, the best me that I can be.

When I quit trying to weigh out my performances, putting my actions onto one side of the scale or the other, I find my balance.

Does this make any sense to you?

What’s the fulcrum point in your struggle with finding balance?

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