Last Call!! My Freelance Writing eBook Will No Longer Be FREE – 8/1

That’s right. I’m taking my “Fast Track to Freelance Success Online” off the “free” shelf and putting the price tag back on it. For almost six months I’ve been promoting it as the free thank you gift to those who join my email mentoring list. All along, I’ve said it would be available for “a limited time.”… Continue reading

Make $500 From One Blog Post! Really? Here’s the Rest of the Story

Have you seen the promotions for free webinars that promise to give writers the secret behind making $500, $1,000 or even more, from just one blog post? No? Then, I guess we move in different circles, because I’ve seen lots of them! All phrased a little different and from many different reputable online gurus. I’ve… Continue reading

But She Had Wings

What caused the mocking of the caterpillars? Was it jealousy and insecurity? Was it fear of change? Dear butterflies. Never listen to the criticism of caterpillars.