The One Thing Keeping You From Freelance Success

In last week’s blog post “I Want to Become a Freelance, Writer, But…”, I said there is one word that keeps freelance writers from promoting themselves, and really, from achieving the success they desire. Let’s start by eliminating the top two excuses we often use to cover up the real issue. Knowledge. I just don’t… Continue reading

Dancing Among the Flowers

We are like butterflies flitting through fields. Every so often we find each other dancing among the flowers and – oh! It does so fill your soul! The caterpillars watch us. Our freedom scares them, you know. They are afraid to want it. They are afraid of the lack of boundaries. They are afraid of… Continue reading


It’s early. The shades are drawn and a curtain of gentle rain encircles my solitude. I love it here. It’s quiet. In the background of my thoughts just the distant hum of a highway and space heater circulating its warmth. It’s cozy. The soft, white glow of paper lampshades add a sense of presence on… Continue reading