Well how do you like the new format? Pretty big change isn’t it? Did a complete remodel from top to bottom, plus made a couple of new additions. On the sidebar to the left you will find just a few of my MOST favorite items available from Amazon with short descriptions of why I think… Continue reading

Good to Be Reminded

Haven’t written much here of late. Been busy with the poetry and posting elsewhere. But as I entered today I decided to look back at what has been written here. To me that’s an important part of journaling, which a blog is in a more public sense. It’s good to be reminded and to remember…. Continue reading

The Lady in the Pond

Gently she steps Ripples move silently The quiet rustle of the breeze Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open, her forehead creased in pain Down she sinks, down in the water, resting quietly by the shore The sigh comes slowly, breath released, calmness to her soul The peace will come though it may tarry,… Continue reading


Today I start my first new job in over 22 years. How strange is that? In addition to it being new for me, it is a new position in a fairly new company, so I’m pretty much starting from scratch with very little structure in place as to the what, whens and hows of my… Continue reading