Today I start my first new job in over 22 years. How strange is that? In addition to it being new for me, it is a new position in a fairly new company, so I’m pretty much starting from scratch with very little structure in place as to the what, whens and hows of my job. Will there be a computer in place for me this morning? Will it be there but still in the box? Where in the world do I start with all that I need to look at and do? Looking to the Spirit to help me out on this. God’s timing is always perfect and He obviously set this up for me to transition into. Over and over again in my journal this year I have used the word ‘interesting’. It has been a very interesting year. Many unexpected turn of events. I’m closer to my ‘co-workers’ (whom I no longer work with) than I ever have been before. The whole leukemia journey with Peg and Patti, that is still on going. “The Shack” and other books and their impact on me and others. A new job with a whole new group of people. Just following your lead Lord.

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