Children’s Book Review: The Tangle Fairy by Seema Barker

Many little girls deal with tangled hair that needs to be brushed out every morning. Jaya is one of those little girls. In spite of her mother’s consistent, careful brushing of Jaya’s hair each night before she goes to bed, each morning the tangles have reappeared again. Why does this happen? Jaya’s mother lays the blame on the Tangle Fairy.
Each night Jaya confronts the Tangle Fairy trying to discover why the fairy is tormenting her this way. Each night the Tangle Fairy has a different story as to who is forcing her to carry out her nightly task. In the end, the fairy admits that all her stories were fabrications. In reality, all the tangling of Jaya’s hair was just a fun time of goofiness, an explanation that Jaya can easily relate to.
It was the wonderful illustration on the cover of this kid’s book that attracted me to “The Tangle Fairy” initially, and then the title added to my intrigue. Kristen Richards is the illustrator for this children’s picture book and  the whole book matches the vivid colors and overall ‘cuteness’ found on the front cover. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with the writing by author Seema Barker. The majority of the writing rhymes, but not all of it. The fact that the Tangle Fairy lies to the little girl twice and then finally says she does it because – “I just want to be silly” – didn’t sit too well with me either.  In the end, the apparent lesson seems to be that it’s okay to be silly sometimes. 
As a children’s picture book, I give “The Tangle Fairy” 5 stars for for Kristen Richards wonderful illustrations, but only 2 stars for the story line and lesson. Of course, a six-year-old might totally disagree with me on that!
You can read it online at, a free kid’s book library, and form your own opinion.

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