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Kathleen Krueger made an amazing career change when she transitioned from accounting to full-time freelance writing in less than a year’s time. She has contributed to several regional and national lifestyle magazines in addition to providing online writing services to many marketing firms and corporations through her firm, Crafter of Words LLC. She authored the book The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online. Kathleen loves her new career and loves to share what she has learned with other writers. She has mentored over a dozen other writers, several of whom are now full-time freelance writers themselves. She has also shared her tips for finding work as a freelancer with writing groups and in full-day workshops.

Workshop SpeakerMake Money as a Freelance Writer – 1 hour workshop

This 1 hour class will introduce you to freelance writing opportunities with an emphasis on writing copy and content for the Internet. Kathleen will share her tips on the wide variety of freelance writing opportunities available, how to find work, and what to expect for pay rates. Learn how to successfully make a living through freelance writing in today’s ever-changing market.


Kathleen enjoys sharing with groups or in a class setting about any topic related to freelance writing.

The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online

6 Hour Class

The world of freelance writing has changed dramatically in the last decade. The continually evolving world of digital data has opened a floodgate of new opportunities for writers. At the same time, the “rules of the game” can be murky, at best, especially when it comes to writing for online publication versus print. Whether you are wanting to break into freelance writing for the first time or you are a veteran writer who is trying to figure out how to revamp your approach, this full-day class will provide you an extensive overview of the variety of opportunities available online. You will learn about writing online content, such as blogs, website copy, press releases and various other digital copy. Practical information on where to look for work, how to apply for writing gigs and how to determine your rates will be a major part of the class. Best practices for online formatting and SEO strategies will also be discussed.

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