Coming Up for a Breath of Air

{sigh}  End of the month deadlines have been met once again. After a feverish two weeks on telephone interviews, article writing and the back-and-forth of article review and approval, I was able to slow my pace a little the last couple of days.

That’s the way it has been the last couple of months since I took on another group of monthly magazine articles. The majority seem to slide into those last two weeks, keeping me hopping between phone calls, writing, emails and final editing. Not complaining, but when the offer came to take on more of these, I had to say no.

During these two weeks I also got a thank you note from my magazine editor. She was thanking me for submitting my articles as I get them done, ahead of that end-of-the-month deadline. Since she has many other writers submitting articles to her, with many of them turning them in on that last day of the month, my trickle of articles coming in before the deadline make her beginning of the month a little less crazy.

I cannot emphasize enough the value of submitting your work ahead of deadline whenever possible. Not only will your editors and clients appreciate how much easier it makes their jobs, it shows them that you can take on more work. Clients are hesitant to offer you more work if you’re barely getting your current work turned in on time.

Many freelance writers have a reputation for last minute and late submissions. I’ve dealt with it myself from people writing for me. Often times it stems from poor planning, assuming that ‘life’ is going to follow the plan you have set out for the week. I’ve found that life seldom does that. That’s why my plan is always to turn in things early. I also always research and write articles one at a time instead of researching and outlining a group of articles and then writing the full group of articles. That way, if I ever do have to make a late submission on a batch of articles, it is never the whole batch, just a portion of the project.

Starting a whole new month. For one of my customers, I’m already 2 weeks ahead of my monthly schedule. If they have someone else late in turning things in, guess who they’ll ask to take up the slack? Don’t ‘meet’ your deadlines, freelancers. BEAT them!

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