Create It on Your Computer – Sell It Online

You got it. If you can create it on your computer, you can sell it online. It’s called digital goods.

Since I’m a writer, I obviously have made use of this means of passive income by selling my words. To date, I’ve created one poetry ebook, Scent of Spirit, and one informational ebook, The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online. But ebooks aren’t the only type of digital goods you can create and sell online. Even if you’re a writer, you have other options. Short reports, essays or individual pieces of poetry could also be listed for sale. You can create templates for all kinds of documents and forms too.

Crafting is your thing? Or sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting? You can sell the patterns and instructions for the things you create. Here’s some examples:

Cross Stitch Patterns
Paper Cessna Skylane Instructions
Digital Art – Photography, Graphics, Fonts
Chocolate Dragon Graphic Art
Collections of Nature Photos

Musicians and Videographers
Start selling your music tracs, instructional videos or short film entertainment.

So where and how do you do start selling your creations? The same place I did:

They make it so simple. They handle collecting the payment and delivering the product for you. You can sell from their e-store, from your own web page, Facebook or via email. Check out PayLoadz and see how easy it is to sell your digital products.

P.S. They have a great affiliate program too.  You can make money from selling the products of others too.

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