Dear Tears,

I’ve missed you so. It seems you haven’t been around as much lately. Some might think it strange that I would miss you. For some reason they see you as an unwelcome intrusion, or at times, that you are too revealing of what they would rather hide.

But that is not true of me. I welcome your warm touch on my cheeks. Your presence speaks so much to me. It says that I am alive, that I feel. You have that special way about you of softening and opening my heart. How often I have smiled with thankfulness as I have felt you drawing near.

No, I would never bid you leave or complain of how you expose my inner feelings. I know just how important you are. You have been there with me in times of great joy and you have been there with me in deep grief and pain. You often show up when I’m angry or hurt, which I have to admit, does embarass me some. But I will welcome you even then for what you speak of me is never false, never a pretense. You are pure and honest as you tell the secrets of my heart.

So, my dear friend, do not stay away. I need you in my life. You bring me healing and cleansing. You reveal the truths of my own heart to me when I would try to hide them from myself. You have been given as a gift and I will treasure you always.

Looking forward to your coming again with great expectancy.


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