Diary of a Freelance Writer’s Day

Today was the official start of my work week, since yesterday was a holiday. Of course, that didn’t mean that I didn’t work at all yesterday, but I did try to limit it and enjoy some of the day and do some work around the house as well.

But today, I had plenty on the schedule and still do for the rest of the week. Did I ‘make any money’ today? Well…that depends on how you look at, I guess. Here’s a little look at my day today.

6:30 am Get up, take medications, turn on Mac, fix a cup of coffee and check email.
7:00 am Begin prep for 8am phone appointment with electrical contractor to go over his website content needs. Check out his competitor sites and his current website; write down my thoughts and questions.
7:30 am Eat a bowl of cereal, fix a pot of ‘real’ coffee for my husband (I drink instant Kava) and begin browsing new job leads.
8:00 am Phone consult with electrician lasts about 40 minutes.
8:40 am Type up email reviewing the conversation highlights and send off to electrician’s web designer.

Time to shower and get dressed.
Make another cup of coffee

Browse more prospective projects; send off emails with resumes to two possibilities. Share one potential with another writer via email.

Potential client emails regarding my credentials and possible time line for his project; client accepts my proposal for 5 articles and asks if I can have them to him by Thursday. No problem!

Email out new assignment for blogs to one subcontractor. Email out new articles to another subcontractor.

10:00 am Review website of my next phone interview for a magazine article and prep for call.
10:30 am Phone interview with a couple pages of quickly scribbled notes.

Time to walk the dog and fix another cup of coffee. Peek into facebook.

Find a great article on the blog of another writer, Mary Aalgaard. It’s too good not to share!
Really, read it!

Payments are received and sent to my paypal or bank account, as needed. Corresponding subs are paid for their work. Open up accounting software and record transactions.

Crackers and cheese for lunch and it’s time for another phone call.

1:00 Call interviewee to try and schedule a phone interview appointment. Haven’t been able to get a response from previous email and phone messages, so I’m willing to wait until she gets off her other line. She’s ready to do the interview NOW! Pull out my pad and pen and try to ask something to get her talking…lots of ‘umms’ in this interview, but I get plenty of good notes and I can scratch that off my list.

Meanwhile, one of my subcontractors has sent me six different articles that need to be reviewed before submitting them to the clients.

2: 00 Move from the kitchen counter to the couch to do my reviews/editing. 

Realize that the week is getting a little too full, so I send out requests for subcontractors to take on a couple more of my articles due this week.

3:00 It’s one of my blogging days, so I figure I might as well finish out the day with a blog about freelancing. What should I write about?  Think I’ll check out facebook while I try to decide.

Reject a couple of ideas. Finally come up with this one and begin typing away.

Now it is 4:10 and my husband just left to run an errand and I told him I’d have supper ready when he gets back, so I’ll need to finish this up, fix and eat dinner. Then I have an appointment in town with some musicians that want me to write up some web content for them at 6pm.

Some of my days are like this. Some aren’t.

What did your day look like today?

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  1. Polly

    It’s nice to see what you do in a day, although I know every day is different. As your daughter, I must comment on the crackers and cheese for lunch!?


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