Does Creation of Artificial Life Support the Intelligent Design Theory?

There has been a huge breakthrough in science world. Dr. Craig Venter of Rockville, Maryland has documented the research and findings of his team in the journal “Science”. Combining bits of purchased DNA, along with a computer generated chromosome, it appears that the Venter group has created a cell ‘from scratch’, a wholly unique life form.
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In the Sydney Morning Herald, journalist Deborah Smith quotes Venter with this statement, “This becomes a very powerful tool for trying to design what we want biology to do.”  The word “design” in this statement is what caught my attention. There has been plenty of debate in the scientific community about the origins of life. The main opposing camps of thought on the issue are those who support the theory of evolution and those who support the theory of intelligent design. Therefore, when I read Dr. Venter’s statement which included the word “design” along with the word “biology”, it immediately made think of these two conflicting camps of thought.
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According to, intelligent design is defined this way: “The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.”  I don’t begin to claim to have an even minimal understanding of the details of this ongoing debate, so what I have to offer are just some questions that came to my own mind as a result of Dr. Venter’s statement.

Human beings (intelligence) have created (designed) a living cell that has never before existed, i.e. life has been created by “intelligent design”. If we as human beings can be creators of new forms of life (the future results of which can only be speculated about at this point, and have some scary potentials), doesn’t it then become logical to accept the possibility that some other form of intelligence was involved in our own life origins? That some higher form of intelligence, some other type of being, may have purposely put together that which is the very core of our existence suddenly becomes totally plausible, does it not? To take it a step further: does it not also become plausible that this intelligent being may have created a variety of life forms that would be interdependent on one another?

If we then accept the possibility of this idea of a creative being (without putting any definitions on who or what this higher source of intelligence might be), does it not also create the possibility that this source of intelligent design might continue to be involved with its creation? Mind boggling thoughts aren’t they?
Perhaps the huge expanse we call the universe is really the laboratory of a creative scientist, and earth and its life forms are the results of one his grand experiments. If it is, he’s done one great job with the original design. I’m not sure he bargained for how much we could mess it up over time though.
Interesting thoughts aren’t they? Thoughts that lead to additional questions, like: What kind of being would create this world and the life forms here? Better yet, why? If that being, or beings exist, can we communicate with him, them? If this creator exists, could this being be what many people refer to as God?  These days it seems that as the scientific community continues to provide new answers to age old problems, they also bring to the fore forefront age old questions of the origins and purposes of life itself.
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