Don’t Burnout the Equipment

For weeks now, I have been battling fatigue and a mental fog that makes it very difficult to focus. This also means that my emotional stores are depleted and I cannot handle the amount of stress I normally would. It’s a good thing a writer doesn’t need their brain and emotions to write.   NOT!!

That’s right. I’ve been pushing it a bit too hard in every area of my life and the equipment that is vital to my output is starting to short out. This last Sunday, someone must have been praying for me, because the fog and fatigue lifted mid-afternoon and I was actually able to do some writing in the evening, something I haven’t been able to for a couple of weeks. Lately, I’ve been so exhausted by dinner time that even reading a book in the evening took too much mental energy, most nights. I was sure this was all my thyroid’s fault (it’s done it to me before), but blood tests ruled that out. No, I was allowing stress to deplete my stores and head me towards a depression. 

In spite of this, I have a full load of website content to write this week for a financial investment firm (light fluffy stuff, right?). So, what to do?

First, I need to learn to say no, when my plate is too full for a week. That’s hard for me. Second, I need to get little bits of physical exercise in during the day; another thing I’m not very good at, but I’ve seen the difference it makes during the last couple of days when I’ve gone for walks in our wonderful spring weather. I already have an appointment scheduled with my doctor for next week, so I’ll garner some direction from her as well. I’ll drink more water, eat healthier AND take the weekend off (two days not just one).

Meanwhile, I will try to take my day at a more leisurely rate as I work. I’ll do some ‘me’ stuff throughout the week and do my best to let my batteries recharge. I have to. I could replace my dear friend Mac, if he burns out on me, but this brain is a bit of a requirement for what I do and they don’t come cheap.

Take care of your most precious equipment, writers. It’s irreplaceable.

2 Comments Don’t Burnout the Equipment

  1. Polly

    Great tips. I’m sure having the windows open more and breathing fresh air will help too. I’m glad to hear you were able to get a little more energy on Sunday.

  2. Kate Smedley

    Sorry to hear you have been struggling lately Kathy. I do feel similar after two or three heavy days of writing. We need our brains, emotions and continual inspiration and it isn’t always easy. I hope you are feeling much more like you very soon.


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