Energizing or Draining

There’s so much I’ve learned about myself over the years. And, when you learn more about yourself, you learn more about others as well.

One of the things I’ve learned is to recognize the things that energize me versus what drains me. It was a bit of a revelation to me to realize that some of the things that I hate to do and are draining experiences for me, are actually something that some other people enjoy doing and are energized by.

‘Really? You love to call people and ask them to volunteer for projects?’

That is something I will NEVER volunteer to do. I hate it. But I’ve found that there are others who genuinely LOVE to do this. They love the opportunity to call people and have a little chat, especially when they feel they’re contributing to a good cause at the same time. I’m SO thankful for people like that, because I am not one of them. Just a couple of those types of phone calls and I’m emotionally wiped out.

When you’re doing something you love to do, it’s amazing how fast time flies and how easy it is to dig in and keep going. You can even overlook things like food and sleep if you’re really focused in on something that energizes you.

For something to energize me to that extreme, it usually has to have a problem solving aspect to it. A new project, a new piece of software or a friend with a critical emotional or relational need, all these things can easily absorb me completely. ‘Creating’ always has an aspect of problem solving to it.

Have you thought about what activities energize you and which ones drain you? Understanding what those things are and that it’s okay if you aren’t like your best friend or your sister or your spouse will help you be more comfortable with who you are. It should help you feel more comfortable with saying ‘no’ to the things that drain you, when you realize that there is someone else who could do the same thing and enjoy it.

Occasionally we all have to do some of those ‘draining’ things, but if we keep those to a minimum and our energizing activities at the maximum, who knows how much we might achieve?

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