Everyone Has a Story to Be Told

In our church service this morning, we had the pleasure of hearing the story of our pastor’s father. We’ve heard pieces of it before from our pastor, but this morning, his father was present himself and told his own story. It made a huge impact on everyone there, I’m sure. It was a powerful story of grace and redemption.

Part of my job as a freelance writer is to tell people’s stories. That is particularly true of my magazine stories. I get to interview people and draw out the unique aspects of their life and/or their business or career. I love doing this, capturing their stories in words and telling them to the world.

I have my own stories, of course. I’ve written some of them here and other places. Some of them I’ve told in poetry and others in short articles or essays. The fancy, literary term for the telling of our stories is ‘memoir.’

Just this week I discovered the literary label, ‘spiritual memoir.’ I’m pondering that. My spiritual life is certainly the center of who I am. Do I want to write spiritual memoir?

One of the things about memoir is that it doesn’t simply involve the telling, especially when it comes to spiritual memoir. Memoir writing also includes personal exploration. You learn things about yourself when you write about yourself. That intrigues me.

So, we’ll see. Perhaps I’ll begin an expedition of exploration into the interiors of myself. Who knows what I might discover on such a journey.

Do you enjoy exploring yourself and getting to know yourself better?

Would love to hear your comments