Freefall – a poem by Kate Smedley

I am lacking in words to say or write today. Rather than pull something of my own from the archives, I’ve decided to share the work of a friend in stead. Perhaps her words are what you need to here today.

… let go of the negative and forgive yourself.

Freefall by Kate Smedley

Adrift in desolation’s avalanche
Of pointless regret, of lessons
Learned through actions best
Meant but oft badly played
Through razor sharp shards of
Self-doubt, writhing and
Twisting as the glint of shame
Pierces a fractured heart
‘Midst the ebony night of
Bewilderment, entangled
In asphyxiating vines of
Guilt and choking remorse
Away from self-destructive
Torrents awash with unworthy
Thoughts, drowning compassion’s
Unconditional love of spirit
Plummet broken by the
Soft feathers of forgiveness
Our ultimate destination
For salvation, floating into
Arms of hope, cleansing
Fear in delicate crystal
Raindrops, diaphanous
And pure of heart
Suffused in the healing radiance
Of love unbound, enrapt
‘Neath celestial skies of
Starlight’s sparkling trust
As confusion’s mist clears
Buoyed by serene winds of
Solace, clasp the ropes
Of belief; your next step is up

At moment, you can still read her poetry on line here:

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