Freelance Bidding Online: Daily project scanning

In my last post I provided tips for setting up a strong profile on the freelance sites. Now that you have a profile in place with a description that will grab the attention of clients, it’s now time to start looking for projects to bid on.

Some freelance sites have much more traffic than others. I’ve Elance to have two to three times the projects in the writing category than Guru recently. Each site allows you to search for projects in your preferred category and to customize those searches. You can search for keywords or by project budget or deadline.

In addition to searching the project lists on the sites, you also have options for having newly added projects sent to you via email or RSS feed, depending on the site. This makes project scanning even more convenient.

You will find that there are dozens of new job postings in your category every day. There will be projects for blog posts, article writing, technical writing, grant writing, editing and proofreading, ghostwriting, resume writing, sales letters, script writing, product reviews and on and on. The budgets for these posting may range from a 50 cents per article project to a $10,000.00 book project.

One client may expect to pay $1.50 for a 500 word article; another client may be willing to pay $20-$50 for a 500 word article. Some clients will require SEO use of keywords in the articles, for others it isn’t a consideration. Some projects will have a deadline the next day and others will give you several weeks or months.

Because the short project titles seldom provide you with the details you need, to determine the fit of the project for your skills and your pricing, it is important to view the details of anything that seems to fit the type of writing projects you are looking for. “Quality Articles Needed” could be $1.00 articles, or they could be $50.00 articles.

Since the projects that will fit both your writing qualifications and your pricing structure are mixed amongst dozens of other projects, it is important to take the time to forage them out by reviewing the daily postings. As you become more familiar with the project descriptions you will be able to move through them quicker. If you find something that interests you, mark it for your ‘Watch List’ and go back to it later to determine whether to submit a bid on it.

In addition to the freelance bidding sites, there are several websites that will provide you with lists of freelance writing opportunities collected from a variety of sources on the internet. These are generally available as an email newsletter sent direct to your inbox. Another source for you to consider.

The more faithful you are at browsing through your opportunities, the more likely you are to find the types of jobs you are looking for. If you only do a hit and miss glance through, you are likely to ‘miss’ the best opportunities than to ‘hit’ them.

For an overview on the 5 steps to freelance bidding online, visit my original article Five Steps to Reeling in the Big Fish.

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