Freelance Writer, Soon to be Published Author

Introducing Ms. Sherrie Hurd!


1. What kind of work were you doing or had you done prior to becoming a full time freelance writer? The work that I was involved in, prior to becoming a freelance writer pertained to manufacturing.

2. Is freelance writing your full time income or just a part time income source? As of right now, freelance writing is my full time employment.

3. What age bracket did you fit in when you started freelance writing? I fit into the 30-50 age bracket.

4. Do you have a college degree in journalism or any other area? I have an Associates degree in Fashion Marketing Technology.

5. Are you making as much or more a year than you did before you started freelance writing? I am actually making the same amount that I did at my previous job.

6. Do you have children at home? I have 3 children.

7. What types of writing projects have you done? What makes up the majority of your work currently? The majority of my work is in ghost writing. I am, however, working on a book and also moving into interviews and blog writing.

8. Do you do most of your writing during business hours or outside of business hours? Most of my writing is actually done within daytime business hours, except for the work that I do on my book, which is usually done before bed.

9. What do you love most about being a freelance writer? I love the freedom and versatility of being a freelance writer. The ability to do things with my children at any hour of the day is priceless.

10. What is your least favorite part of freelance writing? My least favorite part of freelance writing is the inconsistent pay. Although the pay is very good at times, sometimes there are dry spells.

11. If you could write about anything and be paid for it, what would it be and why? I am living the dream at the moment. Writing my book has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Creative writing is a wonderful part of being a freelance writer because you can express yourself more freely.

12. What words of advice do you have for someone considering freelance writing as a career? The advice that I would give someone who wanted to pursue freelance writing is: Find someone who is at a higher level in the field, listen to direction and then never give up. There will be dry spells and hard lessons to be learned; but this career field is very rewarding.

13. Where can you and your writing be found online or in print? My writing can be found in several places online. Although I have done the bulk of my writing as an anonymous contributor, you can find me at: News in Memphis

Yahoo Contributor/Sherrie Hurd

I am also in the process of publishing a memoir, which should be available later this year on Amazon. You can follow me on Facebook, too: SherrieFreelancer

Sherrie and I met online a few years ago on the forum of a writing site, when we were both just beginning to post our creative writing online. We’ve remained friends ever since. It’s been exciting to share our venture into freelance writing. When her book becomes available, I’ll certainly be promoting here on my site.

Each Thursday, for the next several weeks, I will profile another freelance writer who I’ve had the privilege of encouraging and working with during the last three years. You’ll find they come from varied backgrounds and age groups. Be sure to check back.


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