Freelance Writing Online: Where Do I Start?

That’s the question I always get asked about freelance writing online.

Where do I start?

There isn’t a perfect answer, of course.

Your level of writing experience and your knowledge of online technology, both figure into that answer. However, I can tell you where and how I started.

By the time I finished my first year as a full time freelance writer, I had people contacting me regularly asking me how to get started themselves. I would generally spend about two hours with each person, sharing the sites where I looked for work and what I’d learned about the process of bidding on and winning jobs on the freelance bidding sites.

Finally, I realized that I couldn’t afford to keep spending that amount of time repeating the same information with all the individuals who were seeking me out for advice. I needed to put that two hours of information into written form so that I could just direct them to my book and only deal with the additional questions that they might have after having read it. That was how my ebook, “The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online,” was born.

I spent a weekend writing the book, and I sold the ebook through my blog to people who were interested. I provided it free of charge to a group of women who attended an all-day seminar I did with fellow freelancer, Rebecca Flansburg, last fall. People have told me that it’s been helpful. I’m glad.

When I set up this new blog, I debated on what I should do with that resource. Should I create a sales page for it? Does it need to be updated?

After reading through the 30+ pages, I realized all the information in it is still good solid information. But instead of offering it for sale, I decided that I’d simply offer it as a thank you gift for subscribing to my email list. (For a limited time.)

I love my freelance life! 

And I love helping others get started in their own journey to freelance freedom.

My hope is that providing you with the ebook free of charge will demonstrate my sincerity in offering my help and assistance to anyone trying to begin a freelance writing career online.

So how do you get the free ebook?

Just follow the link below. It will take you to the signup page for my email list.


And, just so you’re not confused. Once you submit your email and first name, you should receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription by clicking on a link in that email. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a welcome email and THEN (finally!) you can expect to receive an email (within an hour after you’ve joined the list) that will give you a download link to the pdf ebook.

(It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, but I thought I should spell it out, in case you haven’t had to jump through all these hoops before.)

Here’s the link again: FREE EBOOK

And if you know anyone that might be interested in the book and my help, just refer them to my site. They’ll see the tab that says “Free eBook.” That’ll take them to the signup page.

Looking forward to helping a bunch of new freelance writers get started on their way to living this awesome life of flexibility and creativity.

Don’t wait though. I won’t be offering this free reward forever.



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