Freelancers are… From Small Towns

Longville, Minnesota

Not all freelancers, of course, but many freelancers are from small towns and rural areas where job opportunities are limited. With the digital age and world-wide connection through the Internet and telephone, there are thousands of jobs that can be done working from home as a freelancer in a small town.

Gone are the days when your employment opportunities were limited by your geographical location in a small town. Even your pay scale does not need to be limited to regional norms. By offering your skills as a freelancer online, you can work for employers in New York, Chicago, Houston or Seattle. You can even get international employment with employers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel or Australia.

The Global Market – Pros Outweigh the Cons

Some have seen this global market as a negative, since you may be competing against workers from places like India or Pakistan who will do the same work for a much lower rate. I am here to debunk that negative thinking! I have found plenty of work that pays well. The employers who hire me are not going to hire someone who doesn’t have English as their first language. Many of them will state that within their specifications. Yes, there are plenty of people who will work for $5.00 an hour, or less, but they are NOT my competition. And, yes, there are LOTS of employers who are looking to hire people for those small wages. They are NOT the employers who will hire me. The freelance world is like a big ocean. It is filled with thousands of small fish, but they are all swimming around the bigger fish. Don’t let the schools of minnows block your view of the big tunas in the midst of them.

Multiple Employers and Flexible Hours

Most employers who hire freelancers do so because they don’t need a full time employee. They need someone a few hours a week or a month. Others have a one-time project they need help with. This means you aren’t dependent on one employer to keep your income coming in. In addition, you put in your work hours according to your own schedule, not the hours set by your employer. If you’re a night owl you can work the night shift; if you’re a mom with kids in school, you can put you’re hours in while they’re away at school, early morning or late nights. As long as you meet your employer’s deadlines and requirements, your schedule is up to you to determine.

Are you ready to make the leap to Freelance Freedom?

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