From Outside Sales to Online Content Writer

Introducing Rebecca Vant

1. What kind of work were you doing or had you done prior to becoming a full time freelance writer? The majority of my past experience was in outside sales in the marketing/advertising industry as well as business management. Since I was already accustomed to jobs that required self-motivation and independence, freelance writing was an easy transition.

2. Is freelance writing your full time income or just a part time income source? Full-time

3. What age bracket did you fit in when started freelance writing? I was in my early 40’s

4. Are you making as much or more a year than you did before you started freelance writing? No, although I believe I certainly could make as much if I applied myself to prospecting for new business at a higher level. However, there are financial advantages. Freelance writing requires little to no driving, saving me $500-$1000 a month in auto expenses over my previous position. Also, my past positions required maintaining a more expensive wardrobe than working from home.

5. Do you have children at home? Just my pets, which in the past had to be left home alone for 10-12 hours a day. Freelancing allows a much higher quality of life, both for them and for me.

6. What types of writing projects have you done? What makes up the majority of your work currently? I have done a variety of work, including website content, blogs, article marketing and even a few ghost magazine articles. The majority of my work is website content and blog articles.

7. Do you do most of your writing during business hours or outside of business hours? I live on the west coast, while most of my clients are further east in the U.S. So working early mornings to mid afternoon is my normal schedule. I work on the weekends when necessary, however enjoy spending time with my husband on his days off.

8. What do you love most about being a freelance writer? I love the freedom of working from home and setting my own schedule. I also love the intellectual aspect of learning something new almost everyday.

9. What is your least favorite part of freelance writing? Prospecting for new work is my biggest hurdle. It should be easy for me, especially having been in outside sales for so many years, but I think that is also my biggest issue. Prospecting was one of the reasons I was ready to leave outside sales, even though the pay was very good.

10. If you could write about anything and be paid for it, what would it be and why? I would probably write about either pets or cooking, two things I truly enjoy. But one of the things I love about the freelance writing I do now is that I write about new topics almost daily, enabling me to learn new things.

11. What words of advice do you have for someone considering freelance writing as a career? Freelance writing can be a phenomenal career, however, it is not for everyone. There is a large amount of solitude compared to most types of jobs and often a large fluctuation of income from month to month, especially starting out. It is hard to give one nugget of advice, as each person will find their own struggles, depending on their situation. For me, I need to plan social activities to replace having in-person contact that you get in a job setting.

12. Where can you and your writing be found online or in print? Most of my writing is ghost writing. Having a “by-line” has not been important to me, although it is for most writers. I have two larger clients that I maintain website content for (about 10 sites total), so that is where the majority of my writing ends up. You can contact me through LinkedIn or view my Elance profile.


Rebecca also happens to be my sister. It has been thrilling to help her launch her freelance writing career. I think one her client recommendation on LinkedIn describes her well: “Rebecca is a pro and really goes above and beyond to ensure her work is quality and done on time. Very refreshing to see someone who takes pride in their work.”

If you’re considering, or having begun, the transition to freelance writing, I encourage you to download my free ebook, The Fast Track to Freelance Success. It will provide you some great tips on where and how to get started.



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