Full-time Mom of Twins, Part-time Freelance Writer

Introducing Nicole Stracek

1. What kind of work were you doing or had you done prior to becoming a full-time freelance writer?  I have worked as a bartender, receptionist, dog walker, baby maker, administrative assistant, marketing professional, retail store manager and as a social media consultant. I have always been sort of a lost soul wandering through life hoping to find a place to “fit in”.  Once I realized that I could actually be a writer everything sort of hit me at once and I knew it was meant to be.

2. Do you have a college degree in journalism or any other area?  I have a Bachelor’s degree from the College of St.Scholastica in Organizational Behavior Management with a minor in Psychology.

3. Is freelance writing your full-time income or just a part-time income source?  Currently, freelance writing is something I do part-time and consider it as bonus income.  I also use it as a way to gain more experience and insight. With my 2 young children at home I don’t have the time to expand on my freelance writing and any time I have left over I spend working on my personal projects.

4. What age bracket did you fit in when started freelance writing?  Between 30 and 50.

5. Are you making as much or more a year than you did before you started freelance writing?  Because I only work part-time I am not making as much as I was working full-time.

6. Do you have children at home?  Yes, a 12-year-old and a set of 4-year-old twins!

7. What types of writing projects have you done? What makes up the majority of your work currently?  I have experience in magazine article writing, blog articles, website copy and content and business writing. I am currently working on mostly blog articles, a series of short stories and my first book, a romance/mystery novel. My dream is to become a bestselling author of novellas!

8. Do you do most of your writing during business hours or outside of business hours?
I am a glorified night owl so almost all of my writing takes place between the hours of 9:00PM and midnight (or until I’m half asleep at my desk)! I tend to use my mornings to be “open for business” which is also known as, answering emails, drinking mass amounts of coffee, scrounging for work, going over notes and planning out my nights, and of course attending to the needs of 4-year-old twins and the rest of my family!

9. What do you love most about being a freelance writer?  I love having creative control over my work, choosing when and what I want to do, and never having to dredge through bitterly cold and icy MN winters with my kids to make it to work on time. EVER.AGAIN.

10. What is your least favorite part of freelance writing? Never having enough time to do it all!

11. If you could write about anything and be paid for it, what would it be and why? I’m still discovering new things I enjoy to write about but if I had to choose right now it would be writing romance/mystery novels. I grew up reading Nora Roberts and Nancy Drew and just about anything else I could get my hands on! I’m also a sappy, hopeless romantic and I spend most of my time day dreaming about love stories and how to avoid bugs (mostly spiders).

12. What words of advice do you have for someone considering freelance writing as a career? My best advice is to surround yourself with people who are loving, supportive and respect what you do.  I also would advise to be as professional as possible with freelancing. Also, don’t give up!

13. Where can you and your writing be found online or in print? I can be found this year in the Lake Country Journal magazine, scattered across the internet under secret code names and of course on my blog that is criminally behind and slightly crazy at www.hikingisforhippies.wordpress.com.

Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog. I’m sure you’ll love her writing style as much as I do. Leave her some encouraging comments too, okay?

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