Get Paid to Write About Parenting

You’re a parent. A mom or a dad. It is an identity that never leaves you.

Are you an expert on parenting? Probably not. Few of us are. Expert of not, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience. You have insights that others may not have. You will likely fit into a variety of parenting niches.

You may be a parent of:






-autistic spectrum child

-physically disabled child


-homeschooled children

Can you earn money writing about this seemingly common experience?

Of course, you can!

Below is a list of just six online platforms where freelance writers earn funds and receive bylines for their parenting articles.

Red Tricycle

Parenting magazines abound. You’ll find parenting magazines with specific focuses and general.

On just one small list of parenting magazines I found magazines focused on fatherhood, single mothers, pregnancy, family health, parents of multiples and newborns.

Each blog or magazine will have its own submission guidelines (sometimes online, sometimes not). Read their articles to find those that might fit your writing style and the types of topics you’d like to write about before choosing which ones to submit to.

One final note. Don’t limit your parenting article submissions to these niche blogs and magazines. Many lifestyle periodicals and blogs will run parenting articles as well. 


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