Ghost Bloggers Wanted – Minimal Experience Required

Boo!  I’m a ghost blogger!Ghost Blogger

What’s a ghost blogger?

Like a ghost writer for a book, a ghost blogger writes blog posts for someone else and is not listed as the author of the blog articles they write.

Ghost blogging can be for an individual, such as an interior designer, a health trainer, a photographer or anyone with a personal or professional blog. It could also be the blog for a business or some type of marketing blog.

You, as the ghost blogger, write the blog articles, but agree to provide your writing as “write for hire.” This means that you transfer all the rights to your writing to the client, a common practice in commercial content writing.

Ghost blogging or blog content writing was my biggest source of income during my first two years of freelance writing. It still makes up a significant portion of my income.

What kinds of topics are available to write about?

The topics are limitless. I have written blogs about:

Pet care – nannies – dating- satellites-books-marriage-social media-landscaping-remodeling-knitting-crafts-excercise-nutrition-interior design-fashion-technology-gardening-diesel engines-skate parks-parenting-music-books-painting-museums-colleges-cities-bail bonds-floor cover- and much, much more. And that’s just me.

There are people looking for writers to write about almost any topic you can imagine. The easiest place to start is writing about things you already know about.

Can you find anything in my list that you know something about? Have you ever dated? Have you been or are you a parent? Do you use Twitter or Facebook?

Could write an article titled: 10 Tips About _________(you fill in the blank)?

Then you could be a ghost blogger!

If you could get paid for writing about any subject, what would it be?

Put it in the comments and I’ll tell you if I seen clients looking for writers on that subject or if I’ve written ghost blogs on the subject myself.

Let’s see who can stump me.

9 Comments Ghost Bloggers Wanted – Minimal Experience Required

  1. jane white

    i have been a list maker for as long as i can remember. i’ve been writing one for my daughter as she makes her way through life. topics run the gamut. a few examples are: top 10 free or cheap daily actions or activities for good health. top 10 list of the only clothing items required for being suitably dressed from casual to elegant. top 10 most important qualities for good parenting. the list goes on. i can make a top ten list out of anything.

  2. Susan Smith-Grier

    Remember 10 Lessons to Learn from Disney Movies? 10 lessons to learn from Daffy Duck, Goofy, Mighty Mouse and others? Who knew that watching cartoons would pay off in my grandma years!!

  3. Rebecca V.

    What I love about ghost blogging is that you DON’T need to be an expert on the subject. I have learned so much doing blogs about topics I had no idea about until I did a little research. Don’t be scared to write on topics that are new to you!

  4. mulliganmankjh1954

    I can’t think of any subjects off the top of my head, but in my recent work for, I have written on carpet cleaning, tourist attractions in a small town in Ohio, figuring out what interior plants go in what size pots, and tips of making and enhancing a crisp cucumber salad. I would like to know of sites where I can get ghostblogging gigs, please.

  5. Teresa Kuhl

    I had a gig writing articles on the reasons to vacation in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia among other top on the heap vaca spots throughout the world! lol

    1. Kathleen

      Wow. Not your typical vacation spots! I’ve done lots on the US major cities for all kinds of topics, but not too many on foreign locations.

  6. Donna

    I have quite a few. Ten tips about growing growing plants from seed. Ten tips for easy weeknight suppers. Ten tips for dealing with leftovers. Ten tips for getting young kids to eat nutritious meals. Ten tips for getting more exercise. How many more do you want?


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