How Freelancing Has Changed How I Live And Work.


We’re not talking about pennies here. We’re talking BIG change! 

Change from getting up and driving to work, Monday through Friday; collecting a regular paycheck where the taxes were withheld and you knew the amount would be the same each payday to setting my own hours and never knowing what my income was going to be from one week to the next.

Change from doing what I’d done for over 25 years to a whole different career. A career that allows me to be flexible with my time and location and still earn the same income I was making at my 8-5 office job. That has always been my dream, and in February 2011, my dream came true!

As a freelancer, I can work almost anywhere and at any time. Like:

The Tulsa, Oklahoma Convention Center during a gun show.
A Bed and Breakfast in Chicago (for a week!)
While I volunteer at the art gallery.
Vacationing in Utah with my granddaughter.

Visiting my sister in Texas.

In addition, I’ve met so many great people online that I never would have met otherwise; that includes, clients, interviewees for articles and fellow freelancers. 

I’ve discovered so many things about myself too. I’ve learned that I  I prefer short projects over larger, drawn out ones. I’ve learned that I love working where there are windows surrounding me and coffee is just a few steps away in the kitchen.

Plus, I’ve been able to write an ebook and sell it online: The Fast Track to Freelance Success and help others join the fun!

I love my life!  I love my work! 

And, yes, Elance has been a big part of that success, so – 
Thank You, Elance!

Come on Freelancers! Join the Party!!!


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