In Honor of H. William Robbins – Poet and Friend

A fellow poet and follower of Christ; one I was privileged to call a friend, penned the following poem on November 19, 2010. Thirteen months later, on December 18, 2011, he passed away after losing his long battle with skin cancer. Having just heard of his passing, I share his words with you.

The Soft Stillness Of Ceaseless

 By William Robbins (Also known as Penman)

When my thoughts are a cymbal of clatter
busily banging their clashes and clangs,
it doesn’t matter if I’m all alone
or standing in a parade
for inside I am a band of self
one steady song that writes my own melody.

But then to pause, to halt the chase,
quietly stand and obediently cease
all the rumbles and roars inside
then for a moment of pure ceasing
to truly hear His voice.

Oh it is easy to recite the verses
utter those spiritual phrases by habit.
They are the tones of ritual
the resound of practice,
yet it is something truly unique
when we honestly cease our own creations,
genuinely stop and lay our hearts and souls
before His throne and grace,
finally surrendering our dialogues and distractions
unto the simple and yet humbling path
where in willingness of succumbing
that casting aside my own obsessions
have I truly halted to see, feel and sense
how the Lord is truly sovereign in all things.

Finally the fears fade and the doubts are quieter
because in the peace of moment
after all my moans and groans are mute,
my soul has eyes to gaze
upon His rule and glory.

What I held as important
merely slips away
all my angst and anxiousness
mercifully is replaced
by a joy of knowing
above all I had held
He remains and always will be
Lord and Savior.

Author notes

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God

You may read the legacy of 14,794 poems he has left at:

He is greatly missed by his poetry community of which he was a very big part.

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