Intentionally Unintentional

Most people who know me see me as quiet, non-confrontational, the person that can get along with most anyone.

Those who know me REALLY well, however, know that there is a bit of a rebel in me. I may be non-confrontational, but I am definitely not a conformist.

While I hear many voices around me espousing the importance of living life “intentionally” and with purpose, I quietly, choose to be intentionally unintentional.

If you’ve read my blog for very long you will have noticed that I’m a bit random. One time I’m giving freelance advice, the next has a totally spiritual focus and the next may be a book review.

I have a very random personality. I hate to make decisions.

(I told my husband that was why I married him, to make decisions for me so I don’t have to. He’s much better at it than me.)

But being totally random in choices isn’t always a good thing, especially when you’re trying to accomplish specific goals. For that you need to remain focused on the goal and following the path that will lead you there. That’s why I chose FOCUS as my “word for 2014.”

Being focused and being intentional are similar in many ways.

But here’s the thing.

I love going with the flow! I love trying new things. I especially love getting to know people at a deeper level.

But I don’t like having it all mapped out and programmed.

For instance. I will intentionally invite you out to coffee just so I can get to know you better, one-on-one. But at the same time, I will have no planned agenda. No set expectations or intentions beyond that. If we click, we click. If we don’t, we still got to know each other better and that’s always a worthwhile investment of my time.

So far, my intentionally unintentional style of living has worked pretty well for me. So, you can probably expect a bit of randomness (like this post) from me.

But there is nothing I enjoy better than simply helping someone out. Especially when it comes to gaining confidence in who they are and stepping out into freelance writer’s lifestyle.

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Anybody else out there that is intentionally unintentional?


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