Jesus Sent Them Out on a "Kingdom Journey"

That’s right. Part of the training that Jesus did with his disciples was to send them out on what we might call ‘short term mission trips.’ He paired them up and sent them out traveling the countryside for a short while. He limited what they could take with them to very little. Basically, he forced them into dependence on God’s provision for their basic needs.

Jesus felt that was an important part of the discipleship process. It wasn’t even limited to just ‘The Twelve.’ He sent out 70 disciples in pairs, the Bible tells us. 

If it was important for them, might it not also be important to us?

This is the very question raised in Seth Barnes newly released book: Kingdom Journeys. I’m not quite finished with it yet, so I’m not going to do a full book review. I gave you a taste via a list of quotes from the book last week, including the one listed below.

 Are you ready to uncross your arms? Are you ready to fly into the unknown, dependent on God?

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