Last Call!! My Freelance Writing eBook Will No Longer Be FREE – 8/1

That’s right. I’m taking my “Fast Track to Freelance Success Online” off the “free” shelf and putting the price tag back on it.

For almost six months I’ve been promoting it as the free thank you gift to those who join my email mentoring list. All along, I’ve said it would be available for “a limited time.”

That time has come.

On August 1, 2014 (this Friday) new members to my email mentoring lists will no longer receive this great perk.

Don’t worry!  The book will still be available, but at its regular price of $14.50 for anyone who wants to purchase the pdf download.

So…if you haven’t taken advantage of my offer or have just discovered it, NOW is the time to join my list!

If you have friends that could use the information in the ebook — let them know that the free offer is soon to expire.

The time to act is NOW.

Click HERE to go to my signup page.

The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online









I am working on some new thank you gifts for those who join my list, but it is going to be a few weeks before I roll those out. When I do, the new free gift will go out to everyone who is on my email list as soon (or before) I make it available to new members.

Please share the link to my signup page: http://kathleenkrueger/listsignup TODAY with anyone who is considering joining the ranks of freelance writers online or is struggling to build their freelance career. Even without the gift of my ebook, anyone on my email list has personal access to what I’ve learned. All they have to do is send me an email with their questions and I’ll respond.


This freebie ends at the end of this month. Join my email list to get your free ebook!


1 Comment Last Call!! My Freelance Writing eBook Will No Longer Be FREE – 8/1

  1. Susan Smith-Grier

    Thanks for the book, it’s been very helpful and for anyone who doesn’t have theirs yet, make sure you get it before it goes back on sale! Although, it’s definitely worth the price!!


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