Listening – for the Logos


A sense of the Holy rises to the surface. It is at once Beautiful and Painful. With its swell of emotion it pushes tears forth from the fountain of my inner spirit and they tremble at the edge of my sight. I have been touched, I have heard – the Voice of God.
No, not the ‘words’ of God, but the Voice, the Logos, the Expression. I heard it not in the words being spoken, but I heard it whispering to me in the giving and the receiving, in the feeding of spirits who hungered for beauty and truth and were being fed. The Logos of God speaks and says, “I AM.”
Is this not prayer? To hear the whispers of the Holy in our own spirits? To feel His touch within our inner being? To hear His ‘I AM?’ To sense our oneness with Him and a sharing in His love for those around us? When He broadens our hearts with the full expanse of His love that embraces those we know and those we do not, has He not communicated to us in a greater way than any expression of language ever could?
Certainly, our Loving Father hears our cries, but do we hear His? Are our spirits open to the Logos, the full expression of the Father? Do we hear His voice in the aisles of the grocery store when a tired infant wales for his mother to take him home? Do we feel His heartbeat of compassion as we walk past the homeless person sitting on the sidewalk? Do we hear the chorus of angels proclaiming His majesty when the sun sets and the mountains come into view?
I linger; listening, hearing.  Is this not praying?

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  1. Kate Smedley

    Beautifully written. In the busy-ness of life I know I’m guilty of not always listening for His voice.I think you’re right, I think the ‘hearing’ is also praying. Your post brought Psalm 46:10 to mind ‘Be still and know that I am God’.


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