Listening to the Trickle of Tears

This morning, Jesus and I read a post titled “Tears” on the New Wineskins website. I believe it was the possibility, as a writer, that New Wineskins might fit with the thoughts I would like to express in regard to the Church that I first bookmarked this site and ‘Liked’ them on facebook.

On this Sunday morning, I was moved by the post I read there. After I had finished reading the short article, I left this comment:

Tears is indeed an appropriate title for this post, not only for the mention of tears shed in the ministerial meeting, but the tears that should be shed for such a sad commentary of religious bigotry and Pharisaical pride.”

The article tells of a young Church of Christ pastor reaching out to the other pastors of his community in humility and repentance for attitudes of religious pride within his fellowship of churches that created a chasm between them and other denominations of Christian faith. The tears come in the article as healing tears shed by another pastor in the meeting as he prayed for this young pastor and his affiliation. 

However, tears should come to the readers eyes when they read the editorial note regarding the current status of that young pastor, which says: 

“You see,  for this and other views deemed too ecumenical, he was relieved of his position and now ministers in sales to support his family. He tells me that he has not preached or written in five years, but is starting to want to again.”

That commentary on the end result of this young pastor’s desire to break down barriers within the Body of Christ and walk in unity with those who share his allegiance to Christ should bring tears to our eyes and sadness to our souls. 

May the Lord bring healing to the wounds inflicted upon him by his brethren and may he be restored to a place of service within the Body of Christ where his offerings of love and unity will be fully embraced. 

Would love to hear your comments