Lost Your Job? Want a New Career?

Economic uncertainty and changes in life status can bring with them financial stress and sometimes even despair. The new online magazine Tomorrows Trends  is all about providing hope and solutions that allow you to face the future with optimism. You’ll find real life stories about how other people have discovered and created economic opportunity in unique ways and in all kinds of life circumstances.

For the stay at home mom who still wants or needs to earn an income, there are stories like.

Frantic Mommy: Professional Virtual Assistant

Becky Flansburg has a personal blog titled “FranticMommy.com.” An appropriate title for any mother who is trying to raise young children and bring in an income at the same time. However, Becky’s life has become a little less frantic in the last year since she left the profession she’d worked in the last 30 years and started her own business as a professional virtual assistant. …
Then there’s the articles for the over 50 crowd who may have lost their job or are retired and looking for a way to put their knowledge and experience to work for them.

Recycling Your Knowledge Base to Create a New Career

You’re over 50. You have years of experience in your field of work and life in general, but your age makes it difficult to compete with younger, less experienced jobseekers. How can you take all those years of experience and accumulated knowledge and turn it into a viable income? …
What I discovered was that all the experience-based knowledge I had accumulated over the years was a valuable resource; one that people would pay me to share with them, if I could communicate it in a form that was easy for them to read and comprehend…
Great ideas about turning your hobbies and philanthropic interests into a business are also found on this site.

Turning a Hobby into a Business

If you’ve ever considered, then rejected the possibility that you can turn a hobby—an activity that by definition is performed for pleasure—into a moneymaking business, perhaps you should re-consider that position now. Many people have successfully boosted their earnings by “going public” with a hobby, and there’s a good chance you can, too!
There are also articles that provide helpful information for those just getting started in a new business  venture.

What Makes an Awesome Website and Why You Need One

…before you start developing a plan to drive traffic to your website, make sure your website is the best it can be and will keep their attention long enough to make an impression. There are four basic components that create an awesome website. ..

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