Mac Keeps Me on Track


As a full time freelance writer, I couldn’t possibly keep all my projects, appointments and deadlines on track if it weren’t for my Personal Assistant, Mac.
If I take a look at my calendar for the week or the month, every project or appointment is listed on the day or week that it is due. Work related items are in green, personal items are in blue and a few miscellaneous are in red. If an item’s due date or time is approaching, Mac faithfully reminds me just as far ahead of time as I asked him to, when I put the item on the calendar. If I choose to wait a bit longer before following up on Mac’s reminder, I can simply tell Mac to remind me again in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, a day, a week, whatever I choose. Immediately, Mac gets out of my face on the subject, but I can count on him to bring it back up exactly at the later time we agreed upon. If I’m faithful in letting Mac know about each new task added to my list and when I needed to be reminded about it, he will always give me the reminders I ask for so that nothing gets forgotten.
Don’t you wish you had such a well organized and dependable PA as my Mac? Actually, you probably do have one. Your PA may or may not be a Mac, but it is likely that it would be just as dependable. Mac, of course, is my computer, and the particular program that keeps me on of all my projects, appointments and deadlines is my Calendar program. On a Mac it is called iCal, but Outlook and the Google calendar provide the same features.
Since I sit with my eyes on my computer screen most of the day, having my reminders pop up in front of me on that screen is the perfect way for me to keep on track. If I operated off my smartphone most of the day, I’d still use one of these calendars and have it synced with my phone so that I received my reminders on my phone.
Of course, these calendar programs are just like any other software, they’re only as effective as the information that is being input into it. If I don’t put a new assignment in right away, I’ll likely forget about doing it later. If I cancel a reminder before I’ve actually completed the task, instead of telling it to remind me a second time, I may again forget to finish it. There is a responsibility on my end, but if I carry that out with due diligence, it works like a charm!
I am not an organized person; my family will attest to that, not physically anyway. But if my organizational system is simple and easy to use, right at my fingertips, like iCal. I can make it work, and it does. If you’re at your computer most of the day and you aren’t using the features of your calendar program to keep you organized and on track, the only question I have for you is this: Why not?

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