Make $500 From One Blog Post! Really? Here’s the Rest of the Story

Have you seen the promotions for free webinars that promise to give writers the secret behind making $500, $1,000 or even more, from just one blog post?


Then, I guess we move in different circles, because I’ve seen lots of them! All phrased a little different and from many different reputable online gurus.

I’ve taken the time to sign up for more than one. Just attended one this week that promised the secret to earning $500 or more from your very first guest post. (You’d think I’d learn.)

I guess I finally have gotten the message clear in my head (because the “secret” is the same at every one I’ve attended.)

Are they lying?

No. They really have made thousands of dollars from one blog post – sort of.

Did the site that agreed to publish their guest post pay them a $1 a word for their post?

Actually, the site didn’t pay them ANYTHING! Zero!

They wrote the guest post for free.

So, what’s the secret they disclose behind the curtain of their webinar?

Are you ready?

Who pays them that big money?


Well, people like you and me. Writers mostly.

You see the blog post is just a means of getting traffic into their sales funnel.

These super bloggers are making their money through – SALES.

E-books, online courses, consulting… not simply writing a blog post or even just having a popular blog themselves.

Are people making money off of blogging? You bet! But it is using blogging as a subtle promotional tool to reach an audience. The money is made by selling your products/services (or someone else’s) to the audience you’ve built.

Right? Wrong? Let’s just call it REALITY.

That’s how it works. And it does work!

So, for all of those wanting to make big bucks through blogging… start deciding what you will be selling to bring in the revenue. ‘Cause, it won’t happen just by clicking “Publish” on WordPress once a day, no matter how good you write.

Now, if you want to actually get paid for writing blog posts, I can point you in the right direction.

Only $20 – $150 per blog post though. That’s REALITY too. (That’s how I make money from blog posts.)

So – yes, you can make money from writing blogs, even your own blogs. But it isn’t easy and it doesn’t come without putting in some hard work, either prospecting for clients to hire you or building a following to pitch your products to.

What’s working for you?

Are you making money through blog writing?


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3 Comments Make $500 From One Blog Post! Really? Here’s the Rest of the Story

  1. Jema

    I thank you for sharing this information! You help out the rest of us who would have signed up too! Sometimes you think, oh, am I missing something? Good to hear about your real experience as a writer. Keep sharing!

  2. Sue Smith-Grier

    Kathleen!! I thought you knew!! Yep, I’ve been there done that too, but I was skeptical going in, mainly because so many of the webinars talked about how they weren’t going to do that or how they weren’t going to give you a long song and dance then tell you for the *real deal* buy the “course” for X-amount of hundreds of dollars. They didn’t. They just found a *different* way of doing it! Ah well, once again as our parents and grandparents said, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” Nothing changes, eh?
    There is a lot of good information out there (your blog is one of my top choices!) and sometimes you really do have to wade through all the fluff to get to the point. The bottom line remains the same though – nothing is going to trump hard work and diligence. Maybe someday I’ll sell on online writing course too. But I won’t get rich doing it because I’d like regular old Joes to be able to afford it! Thanks for your post and thanks for all your great advice!


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