My Ideal Writing Space

The view from my three-season porch.


Last week was the one year anniversary of my career as a full time freelance writer. I’ve learned a lot during the last year, including a lot more about myself. It’s been a fun ride, and one of the things I’ve learned is what my preferences are for my writing space, i.e. the surroundings when I’m writing or working.
Being able to work from home, while my husband was away at his own job, meant I had the whole house to myself. I could choose to carry my laptop to any place in the house to work. We have a two-story, three-bedroom house with a full basement and a three-season porch. This gave me lots of options.
Since our kids are no longer at home, I could have chosen one of the extra bedrooms to be my office and writing space. That would seem to make the most sense. The basement would be a good option as well. We have plenty of space down there and it is setup as a family room, but is seldom used as such. It would be quiet and stays nice and cool in the summer.
In spite of these options to choose a space within the house to call my own, I continually found myself working on the main floor of our home. I would sit at the kitchen counter or on a couch in the living room. When the weather was right, I’d sit out in the three-season porch surrounded by windows which allowed an open view into the backyard from three sides.
When my husband would suggest setting up a formal writing or office space for me in one of the other areas of the home, I always said no. I liked being on the first floor. It took me awhile to realize why, but when I was away for my writers retreat at the House of Two Urns Bed and Breakfast, the reasons were reinforced once again. In spite of having a lovely room with a sitting chair and an antique writing desk to write at there, I would tend to move out to the front sitting room to do my writing much of the time. I realized that the reason for preferring that area was that it had the two main ingredients that I prefer in my writing or working space, open space and natural light.
Our home is located in the country and we have a large yard surrounding it with a wooded area in the back. That open space seen through the windows further increases that feeling of spaciousness. The main floor of our home has an open floor plan with windows on two sides and a large patio door leading to our three-season porch on the third wall. There is an abundance of natural light and plenty of space around me wherever I sit. I never feel closed in. I love it!
An open area with lots of windows, sitting comfortably with my laptop and the whole place to myself, my cup of coffee sweetened with French vanilla creamer to sip on. Ah. Perfection!
What about you? Have you determined what makes the ideal writing space for you? Do you like lots of space and natural light like me or do you prefer a smaller cozy spot? Do you sit ‘wherever’ with your laptop or do you have a desk or other designated spot for your writing?
We’re all different. What works best for one person doesn’t necessarily fit another.

3 Comments My Ideal Writing Space

  1. Grammy

    I would be just like you too. I love my lap top too. I sit in my living room. In my comfie chair. I have a wood tv tray to hold the lap top. And a wireless mouse and key board. So I can relax and type. I miss my old home as it has more windows, and a sliding glass door. But I am in a small town with the country in my view. Have a great week end.

  2. Cate

    I have my actual office space downstairs, but I end up working wherever the rest of the family. I love being in the middle of hubbub with everyone else!

  3. Polly

    I was thinking about this the other day and I think it would be similar to you. I would prefer an outdoor porch. Right now I’m stuck inside next to a window, looking out into the neighbors yard. It works for now.


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