My shelves

I actually very much enjoy discussing difficult questions and topics, as long as the other person, or persons, in the discussion can handle my challenging their viewpoints without getting offended or hurt. I try to be careful but sometimes I assume that other people are like me, when they’re not. I am never offended by someone challenging what I think, as long as they aren’t derogatory towards me as a person. Some of my favorite people are those that I’ve gone round for round with over heavy topics but we both come out of it appreciating the other person even more at the end. I am not the least dogmatic in my beliefs, religious or otherwise, but at the same time, I am not easily swayed without good reason. If something can’t stand up to my limited ability to challenge it, it will remain at least on my ‘undecided’ shelf, if not on my lower ‘invalid argument’ shelf. There is very little on my ‘absolute truth’ shelf and those things I will not give up without a very serious fight. And even those, I am not in the least afraid to have them challenged. If they aren’t true and real then I don’t want them anyways. I don’t HAVE to be right, but I’m not easily swayed. I question everything. If you can handle that, we’ll have great fun. If not, I’ll probably mow you over and we’ll both feel bad. It’s never my intent but I have been known to do it from time to time.

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