Need to Supplement Your Income? Try Freelancing!

I have a full time freelance business, but not every freelancer wants or needs to earn a full time income. Freelance work is perfect for a part time supplemental income for many different situations.
Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM)
Mothers of young children make up a huge block of part time freelancers. Working outside the home and paying for daycare for one or more preschoolers doesn’t leave much of your paycheck. A small paycheck that doesn’t require leaving the home can make much more sense. A few hours a week after the kids are in bed can bring in as much or more than they would bring in trekking to a job five days a week.
We all look forward to the day when we can retire and say goodbye to the demands of full time employment. But if your retirement income limits your lifestyle, how can you enjoy it? Some have chosen to take employment as a greeter for Wal-Mart, but those with a little more initiative prefer freelance freedom, work that they can do from any location and on their own timetable. With years of life experience, all they need is familiarity with the Internet to make connections with the employers looking for their expertise.
Whether you’re a young SAHM or starting your Golden Years, freelancing can work for you!

3 Comments Need to Supplement Your Income? Try Freelancing!

  1. Unknown

    I am with Thomas 🙂 After 30 years of working 9-5 for The Man, I honestly don’t think I could do the full-time trapped in a cubicle EVER again. Freelancing=freedom in my life 🙂

  2. Thomas

    I’ve been freelancing since January 2012, I would never want to return to a regular 9-5 after experiencing the freedom freelance work allows. That’s not to say freelancing is without it’s own stresses 🙂


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