New Adventures in Writing – TV Commercial Script

In my freelance writing world, I’m always finding opportunities to take on writing projects that are a new challenge to me. Yesterday’s project was one of those. I wrote my first television commercial script.

The commercial will be for a remodeling contractor in Miami, Florida, so I don’t expect to ever see the final product, but it was a great learning experience.

The commercial is only 30 seconds long; that doesn’t leave time to say a whole lot. Trying to communicate a complete message that demonstrates the companies strengths in that amount of time is not easy. I knew it wouldn’t be. But minimalism is my strength in my poetry writing, so I figured I could pull it off if I committed a full day to it.

A days pay for 30 seconds of words. Not bad. But it did take the full day of writing and going back and forth with revisions before I finally got it to the point where the client sent back the magic word — Perfect!

In the process, I learned about the difference of writing for verbal communication versus print. A very different medium, which requires a different approach. I also found, once again, that you can find tips and guidance on how to write almost anything by just doing a quick internet search.

Have you taken on any new adventures in your freelance writing lately? What were they?

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