New and Improved (I hope)

I’ve been working on updating both my blog sites the last few weeks, along with creating my own website Actually I’ve been working on these things inbetween writing articles and a little sprinkling of poetry here and there. If you look back to the first entries on this blog you’ll find that I began writing here when I became unemployed for a short time in October of 2008. On my poetry blog you will find the entries starting about in April of 2009. My writing, particularly of poetry, has pretty much consumed me this last year. I decided recently to seriously pursue writing as a means of income as well as a hobby. I have made some interesting connections in these first endeavors. I’m not exactly sure where it’s all headed but I’m excited about the journey. I’ll try to be more faithful in keeping my blogs updated and will start posting my poetry on my other blog regularly again as well. Thanks for listening in.

Would love to hear your comments