Ordered Chaos: Part 1

“You’re so organized!”

People have said that to me. Really. They have!

Of course, it is a total misconception on their part. The people who have said that were not people who worked in an office with me or spent any time in my home. Those people would laugh heartily at using the word’ organized’ to describe me. I am NOT organized.

I am a messy. I stack things. I even stack things on stacks of things. Papers and books mostly. The only reason my house is not a total disaster is because I have a husband who IS organized and keeps me from living in the chaos that would exist if left to my own devices. I don’t stack my clothes, of course. I pile them… at the foot of my bed.

You see, it isn’t that I don’t like order or that I don’t understand the value of order. I DO! If someone would do all my filing and keep my house in order all the time, I’d love it! I have great appreciation for organization and being able to find what you need when you need it. I understand the wisdom of it and how it can make life less stressful and save time; I just have a difficult time achieving it.


Decisions, Decisions!

Part of the problem is my difficulty in making decisions. I hate making decisions, big ones and small ones. I think I hate making small ones even more than I hate making big ones, like what to make for dinner or what to wear. When the mail comes, the logic says that you can avoid a build up of mail by sorting through it and DECIDING what to do with each piece: file it, toss it or take action on it. Three choices. Those three simple choices can send me into a quandary. If it’s a bill, I have a place to file it; one slot for any bills that need to be paid. If it’s’ another credit card application. I can easily destroy that and throw it away. It’s the birthday card or the coupon book for the grocery store or invitation to a book signing that I have trouble with. Should I keep it? Should I throw it? If I do keep it, where do I keep it so that I don’t forget about it?

You see, I have this problem with ‘putting things away.’ Sometimes I ‘file’ things and then I can’t remember where I filed them. If I have a receipt for a tax deductible item that is related to our automobile, I could file it under Receipts or Taxes or Auto. I can pick one of those, such as Auto and file it. However, a couple months from now I may need to make that same decision again and I will not remember that I filed it under Auto last time and this time I may file it under Receipts. That’s how my mind works.


A Side Note on Evernote: My Digital File Cabinet

That’s why I love the little free software program called Evernote. It works with my eclectic, chaotic brain. I don’t have to remember what I filed things under. As long as I remember to send an email or clip a webpage to my Evernote, I can always find it there. All I have to do is enter a search word that I expect to find somewhere in the text and Evernote will pull it out from the clutter for me. Evernote was made for ME and people like me.



So, why do some people mistakenly think that I am an organized person? It is because of my juggling. Not physical juggling. That requires way to much coordination and rhythm for me to even attempt. But my brain has no trouble with juggling. I can switch from one thing to the next to the next and back again. I can handle multiple clients, multiple subcontractors and multiple assignments – everyday. They assume I’m very organized; but I’m not. Not any more organized than my Evernote program. I just have a great search mechanism built in. I guess it’s called multi-tasking.

Well this post has gotten quite long and I still have more thoughts on the subject. I guess that means it is a big issue in my life.

So…anyone out there that can provide help for the indecisive, cluttered mind and cluttered home?

Your comments do get sent to my email inbox (which is also a bit cluttered, but semi-organized), so I will have no trouble finding them.

Help me! Please!

(Watch for Part 2. I’m not finished with my excuses yet.)

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