Poetry Outside the Book: Just a few ideas

 Simple framed poetry becomes more than simply words when the formatting is done is ways that catch the eye.  This first piece is a ‘mirrored’ poem which creates a very attractive hourglass design when centered on the page.

 This larger framing is a four part sonnet with the title “Circle of Tears”.  By using the WordArt function in MS Word, the title now becomes a circular frame around each sonnet section creating visual interest and complimenting the circular aspect of the the poem series which reads in a connected chain.

Poetry has always been a part of greeting cards but it does not need to be limited to simple common sentiments. One of the sonnets from the above framed circles becomes the cover for a sympathy card and a shorter poem provides the cover for a note of encouragement.

Fabric is also available for another media for the display of poetry. This short piece has been printed with an inkjet printer on a piece of silk designed for this very purpose. These inkjet printable fabric pieces are also available in cotton. The final design for this piece is intended to be a rectangular piece of fabric hanging in an open frame by fabric ties.

In addition to printing direct on fabric, their is also the option of printing on iron-on transfer paper and transferring both words and graphics or photos onto fabric, as shown on this open scroll frame.

I have plans to embroider a poem titled “Patchwork” onto a quilted wall hanging as well. (That will take me some time but eventually I’ll have a piece of mixed media art that will be one of a kind.

 Calendars are another excellent option for poetry. Each poem will be displayed for reading for a full month at a time for anyone who enters the home and can easily be complimented with an appropriate photograph to catch the eye and draw the reader towards the words. It is one of the most perfect marketing options. The buyer isn’t ‘stuck’ with one poem hanging on their wall, but a changing collection for the year on a piece of art that is also functional, giving it further value. Your poems are not hid beneath a book cover but put on display for people to read that might otherwise never see your words.

Too often, I believe, poets are not included in the definition of visual artists. Poetry is definitely, first and foremost, a literary art form. However, its beauty can also be visual and most certainly visually displayed in many different ways. The limits are only limited to your imagination.

Poetry Oustide the Book: Static Display

Poetry Outside the Book: Video

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