Poetry Outside the Book: Static Display

Poetry has been described as painting with words. So why are these ‘paintings’ so seldom display for continuous view? Some, certainly, are meant only for the pages of a book and are best kept there. Some we do find framed, on plagues, on posters or greeting cards. In what ways might we put these word paintings on display in a greater variety of media?

This four part sonnet is prepared to be mounted and could be displayed in several ways. The four pieces could be matted in a long rectangular frame or four separate frames for wall hanging. Another idea would be to place the four pieces as sides to a cube that either hangs are revolves on a base.

Oriental poetry is often displayed on or in combination with oriental visual art. Their artistic language form lends itself beautifully to display. Other poets have had their works beautifully displayed on monuments and buildings, as seen below in this piece by G. M. Hopkins.

 Concrete poetry is the name often given to poetry which has been arranged to create a particular shape or form with its words, such as the swan below.

Recently I received a book of nature photographs that have been paired with poetry to create a beautiful coffee table book. Still a book but a unique combination of art never-the-less.

I’d love to hear additional ideas for static display of poetic art. Please share yours in the comments.

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