Poetry: Thinking outside the book: Video

Poetry. Where do you find it? In poetry books, poetry websites, greeting cards, magazines and a few well known poems printed on plagues or posters. But you will also find it in some places you wouldn’t expect, like Youtube. Spoken word, right? Yes, you will find poet’s reciting their works via video on Youtube, which is a wonderful medium for performance poetry and recitation of traditional verse.

Youtube is also being used for the visual display of poetry in the written form as well. You will find poetry placed over complimentary visual art and combined with musical backgrounds, as shown below.

Or just the simple words appearing over background photos.

Artists are making use of current technology to combine art forms and enhance the presentation of their powerful poetic words. Video is an obvious medium for this, enabling display in the global gallery of the internet. But what about more concrete options for display and retailing of poetry? What is being done or could be done to take poetry beyond the pages of their books? We’ll take a look at that in the next segment in this series.

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