Redefining Success

 Frank has just landed a weekly writing gig because he’s good at researching, writing with clarity and making his content interesting.

Theresa just started a paid book review project. Then she applied for a freelance writing job through an ad and got it! Plus, the client says he loves her first submission.

Rebecca has been writing articles for a lawyer as a sub to another freelancer for several weeks. This week, she became the direct writer for the lawyer; her first direct freelance writing client.

And me? I’m celebrating all three of these successes, because I got to play a part in helping these three writers reach these personal points of success. Could they have done it without me? Probably. What did I do? I said, “You can do it.” I shared with them the things I’ve learned. I gave them opportunities to write, and I pointed them towards opportunities. I just shared the good things I had or opportunities I found with them. No big deal.

Although I had my own “successes” in my writing career this week, none of them meant as much to me as these three. If you can’t celebrate success for another with the same enthusiasm you have for your own, or if you clutch your own success tightly, afraid to share it, you missed the true joy of ‘success.’

At least that’s  my opinion.

What do you think?

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  1. Kate Smedley

    I agree and you can add me to the list of the people you mentioned. Without your encouragement I would never have ventured into freelance writing and as you know I gave up my ‘real job’ to focus on it full-time. Thank you so much from me too.


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